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Our Story

French local nature park system that became the origin of the terroir activity

In France Country Tour (sponsored by 09. 6 21-29 29 / Hamanasu Foundation), this tour, which touches on the "Local Nature Park System" promoting regional revitalization in the rural areas, asked for a visit to the French countryside Bodolfo. The production of high value-added dairy products by highland dairy farming, the establishment of regional landscapes and regional brands, and good interaction with cities, we will see that the area that would be positioned as a marginal village in Japan is lively. It was learned that the "Rural Natural Park System" was the one where the once-avoiding agricultural and fishing villages revived for a relatively short time, and became the major role that has reached the present.

In order to explore the directionality of new regional development taking advantage of Okhotsk's climate, referring to this local nature park system, with the tour members engaged in agriculture and fishery, commerce and industry, etc. around Okhotsk in November 2009. Launch the Okhotsk Regional Nature Park Design Study Group.

History of the Okhotsk Terroir

In February 2010, former President of the Sorbonne University in Paris, Jean Robert Pitt, invited the "Okhotsk Regional Nature Park International Symposium" at Monbetsu City and Sapporo Hokkaido University. Under a unique venue setting where local agriculture, forestry and fisheries, commerce and industry, universities, researchers and government officials surrounded the round table, and local citizens surrounded, a lively panel discussion was held in the "Okhotsk terroir".

In October 2001, "Okhotsk Marche" was held in Kiyosato-cho, marked as "attractive food" "hospital farming mountain fishing village" = "open space" of food and exchange of Okhotsk. Since then, the venue has been expanded to Abashiri City, Kitami City, Monbetsu City, Xiobe Town, etc. Also, we have held symposia and workshops at the same time as Marche.

In addition to a large number of students participating in collaboration with Hokkaido University, the Tokyo University of Agriculture Okhotsk campus, and Kitami Institute of Technology, Marche and the workshop have been working towards joint research and practice. In addition, at Shobu Seikabe, Xobe Town has held an experiential food education activity for children, the next generation, “Opppe Kids” once a month.

In February 2011, the second "Okhotsk Regional Nature Park International Symposium" was held in Monbetsu. In order to clarify the goal of the activity, we will announce the "Monbetsu Declaration" of Okhotsk Terroir.

August 2011, registered as a corporate entity Okhotsk · terroir.

In December 2011, the company launched the Okhotsk Terroir Store, a limited liability business association, and opened an antenna shop at the Coop Sapporo Bihoro Store.

Received accreditation from the Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry "FY2011 Agriculture, commerce, and other cooperation measures support project (collaboration body construction support project (support organization type))" in February 2012.

In February 2012, the "Okhotsk Terroir Symposium in Monbetsu" was held under the theme of "Forward transmission of true regional richness and attractiveness of food". With many participants from the fields of agriculture, fishery and forestry, and with administrative officials such as Hokkaido Agricultural Administration Office, Hokkaido Economic and Industrial Bureau, Hokkaido Development Bureau Abashiri Development and Construction Department, Hokkaido Okhotsk General Promotion Bureau being present, hot discussions were exchanged It was done.

全国のタウン誌・ フリーペーパーの祭典で 雑誌「HARU」が大賞受賞!

Corporate Profile


[Name] General Incorporated Association Okhotsk ·Terroir

[Director] Representative Director, Hiroshi Daikoku,

[Resident] Yukimachi 4-chome, Monbetsu, Hokkaido, Japan 2-6

[Phone number] 0152-25-4111

[Fax number] 0152-25-7508

[Date of establishment] August 15, 2011

[Purpose and business]

In the Okhotsk region and Hokkaido region, the corporation reviews farmers, fishermen, commerce and industry tourists, residents and local resources such as nature, landscape, products, culture and culture of the region, and industries that make use of them. By promoting regional development such as tourism, we aim to contribute to the creation of local communities and the revitalization of this area, and in order to contribute to that purpose, we will carry out the following business.

(1) Business about general plan, adjustment of regional industry promotion

(2) Business about plan of event to affect local industry promotion, administration

(3) Business about beautification of local scenery and environment, maintenance activity

(4) Business about plan, production, sale of regional special product

(5) Interaction with related groups within and outside the Okhotsk region and Hokkaido region

(6) Business about plan and issue of publication

(7) Business incidental or related to the businesses listed in the preceding items

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