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Fun and new

"What is Okhotsk like?"
So far, through the medium of this HARU,
We have long been facing the "terroir" of this land.
While meeting many people and discussing about this landliness,
The fact that you got empathy, and the fact that you can bring up friends together
It is a very wonderful event and is still our precious asset.
Thinking about what you can convey by making use of them,
I arrived at the thought "I want people who visit this place to know the real Okhotsk".
We are new to people traveling to Okhotsk
I decided to make HARU.
Anyway, here in Okhotsk, I do not know the people living in this land,
There are still many nice charms.
We find such new Okhotskness with the people who live in this land,
I would like to tell you from now on while thinking together.
Would you like to travel together with more fun Okhotsk you have not met yet?

People in OKHOTSK

People who live in Okhotsk. Stories about their activities and thoughts.



The form of happiness changes. Like a musician in Bremen

Takigami town in the Okhotsk region of Hokkaido, where the Shibazakura blooming in full bloom is beautiful. A cool, clean stream flows between the mighty canyons, and there is a secluded Woodhouse. Here is the "Bremen Farm". Masami Takeuchi lives in Takigami-cho from Osaka and enjoys...



"People" who was not really good. But the reason is also "people".

Monbetsu, famous for drift ice tourism, is located in the northern part of Okhotsk region, Hokkaido. Mr. Toshio Kuwahara works for revitalizing the town with his unique friends in Monbetsu city. It is a woman full of vitality who exchanges greetings with people who come and go...



There are things that can only be done because of Okhotsk and a depopulated area of 700 people

It has been eight years since Akihito Emen, who is from Hokkaido, moved from Tokyo to Shirakaki, Ongakucho, Monbetsu-gun. It is said that Mr. Hayato who worked at a staffing agency and Ms. Yoko who was doing product planning at a major food and cosmetics company moved (!) The day aft...

Go, buy, eat

in Okhotsk!

We had you tell me what you want to go to people who visited Okhotsk from 3 people who live like Okhotsk, things you want to buy, things you want to eat. Okhotsk recommendation information from people actually living in this land!



Wood craft brand Got high praise from inside and outside the area

Local brand "Oke Kraft" of Oketocho. Oke Kraft was born in 1983, and is a generic term for woodworking products such as cutlery, tableware and stationery, which are produced by a writer who currently has 23 workshops in the town. It is a craft product representing Okhotsk made from Hokkaido. "Oke Craft Center Forest Craft Museum" is a center facility of such Oke Craft. You can actually buy Oke Craft training facilities and about 250 Oke craft.

Address: Hokkaido, Tokoro-gun, Oketocho 439-4

Phone: 0157-52-3170

Opening hours: 10:00 to 18:00, closed on Wednesdays except public holidays and New Year holidays




Directly owned restaurant with ranch

A directly managed restaurant, "Milk Hall," attached to North Plain Farm in Xobe, which handles dairy products and processed products. You can enjoy an extensive menu of dairy products from the same ranch that is certified organic JAS certified by environmentally friendly dairy farming that does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The taste that eats while watching the dish and soft cream which used proud cheese and the cows grazing is exceptional! You can buy processed products such as cheese and yogurt at the attached shop.

Address: Hokkaido Hokuboku Okoppe-cho, Monbetsu-gun, Hokkaido 116-2

Telephone: 0158-82-2422

Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 (11:00 to 14:00 for lunch)

holiday: Tuesday excluding holidays



As if time slipped
Downtown that causes an illusion

Main street of Monbetsu city, around "Hamanasu Street". There are still many shops and signboards that show the scent of Showa, and the landscape looks as if you had a time slip. Stores that are dense in areas that are not so large are long-standing, and only famous stores that have been loved in the area. Please try to find a favorite restaurant by laddering a lot on a real street that you can not really enjoy on a single day.

Hamanasu Street

Address: 6-chome, Saiwaicho, Monbetsu, Hokkaido 3-9

Event Information in Okhotsk

From the editor

HARU will "deep out Okhotsk in August 2012! Launched as a local magazine that you would like to see and eat. And this time, as a more familiar Okhotsk travel magazine, the style has been redesigned and renewed. The trip to meet real Okhotsk lets many people visiting the area feel the unique history that has been fostered in Okhotsk's long history and the symbiosis of people and nature. As the entrance, I hope that HARU will be loved by all of you. The Okhotsk journey through HARU, wonderful encounters and new discoveries await you.

※ HARU  means "blessing of food from nature" in Ainu language.

​HARU vol.01

August 2018 issue

Published by Okhotsk-Teroir HARU Editorial Department

Publisher Kazuo Furuya

Editor-in-chief, photo Takuro Nakanishi (1988)

Design Misato Suzuki

Interview ・ sentence Sasaki Ryo


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