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Kuwahara Michio Born in Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo in 1971, moved to Monbetsu, Hokkaido at the age of three. I leave Monbetsu once to enter university, but go back to Monbetsu soon after graduation. While working at Kuwahara surveying design office, work on activation of Monbetsu city such as "y▲m▲ cafe" and "Gurumon". Currently he is active as a representative of Rosehips, Vice President of the Monbetsu Chamber of Commerce and Youth (YEG), and Deputy Head of MONBETSU hazimeru.

"People" who was not really good. But the opportunity is also "people"

Monbetsu, famous for drift ice tourism, is located in the northern part of Okhotsk region, Hokkaido. Mr. Toshio Kuwahara works for revitalizing the town with his unique friends in Monbetsu city. It is a woman full of vitality who exchanges greetings with people who come and go, and enjoys encounters with people and alcohol purely. It has a unique retro taste and conveys the atmosphere to the present without any change. Mr. Higashihara introduced us the charm of the city and the main streets of Monbetsu.


Monbetsu's present that I saw for the first time in relation to town development

Can you give me a brief history of Mr. Ichikasahara?
After graduating from Monbetsu High School, I went to Sapporo University. Immediately after graduating, I was told by my parents and returned to Monbetsu, and I began to work in my father-owned design office, but at that time I still didn't like it too much. We did not do any activities for town development, and it was everyday only to do the work while doing well.


-It is very surprising from the current energetic activities.
Originally I was a very stranger, and I would not want to meet anyone if possible. I liked reading books at home. I felt like I was satisfied with only books, dogs and rice (laughs). There were many times when I became unwilling to socialize and when I came to Tokyo to escape from a small community. But in the end, as the relationship gets deeper, it gets more and more connected to people. I knew that if I went out without fear I couldn't meet anyone. So I decided to do my best in local Monbetsu too.


―What was the reason for starting the town development activities in Monbetsu city?
It was a chance to meet a key person who changes my life, and I was interested in the town development thanks to the person, which was the cause of the “Making a roundtable meeting that made use of the woman's point of view” which was reluctantly joined while being told by my father. . At Monbetsu Hospital, I was able to notice for the first time that I could not give birth, or that the ambulance could pass properly because of the maintenance of roads, and that I had never been conscious of it until now. As a member of the round-table conference, we set up a women's group called "Rosehips", but I will be the representative. At first, I was not very motivated, but through activities such as putting sand for anti-slip into plastic bottles with students from Monbetsu School for the Pedestrians, and making a mini-tourism information magazine "Gomap" I was attracted by the fun. After that, I started a cafe called “y ▲ m ▲ cafe (Yama Cafe)” at the top of a large mountain where I could see the sea of ​​Monbetsu with a girl who got along with Rosehips members. When I was drinking, I was told that "We want to be able to open the shutter of a shop that has not been used in Monbetsu". Management was tough, but I got along well with the people who came as customers, and a very good chain was born here as well.


― You are the person at the root of your activities, Mr. Ebara.
Originally I was not good (laughs). One day, a man of the same age came to y m m cafe cafe, but as I came to the shop many times and got along well, I was invited to the youth department of the Chamber of Commerce. Even though he was a machine shopman, he was developing an original product called "print", and his first impression was that "it's a man who can not do it." Although it was a customer who came to a coffee shop, at first I was just thinking "I'm sick!" (Laughs). But he established a citizen group called “MOMBETSU hazimeru” as a volunteer to show the activities of the adults properly to the children, and sold “Monttsutsutsure Yakisoba” at the festival and the sales to the activities of high school students It did wonderful activities such as donating to I was inspired by such a form, and I was once engaged in activities to create a city in another city.

Tsunag people who meet, downtown full of emotions


-I heard that you are planning an event in "Hamanasu-dori".
The unique atmosphere of Hamanasu Street has made it difficult for young people to enter. I thought, "It's wasteful!" And held an event called "Gurumon" on the street. As a result, there were many voices such as "It's surprisingly good if you went there!" And the response was great, so I think it might be a good event to get to know the goodness of the street.


What does Mr. Ichikasahara like about Hamanasu?
Where each drama has its own drama ... but in the end I think people like it. I was not really good at going to the store where I have a favorite master, but I was not really good at people, but it is a fact that people are getting my life changed, so I hate people and I like people (Laughs) So I love the people here and the people who are warmly welcome to everyone. I hope it will continue to be such a place for everyone.

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