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"Terror (french)" is an expression similar to the Japanese culture. There is also a terroir that is unique to Okhotsk, which is nurtured on a plentiful land, with a rich sea and lush mountain river where ice floes rush. First of all, the people of the area are aware of the value and wish to keep people working while improving the quality of processed agricultural products.

​OKHOTSK Terroir

Purpose of our group

In the Okhotsk region and Hokkaido region, farmers, fishermen, commerce and industry tourists and residents review local resources such as nature, landscape, products, climate and culture in the region, and industries such as tourism and tourism that utilize them The purpose is to contribute to the creation of local communities and the revitalization of this area by promoting the creation of

Okhotsk Terroir  Monbetsu Declaration

We held two symposia in 2010 and 2011, with the participation of many experts such as Mr. J = R Pitt, former president of Paris-Sorbonne University, here in the area of ​​Okhotsk Monbetsu, As a result of serious discussions on the direction of development, the following conclusions were obtained.
The symposium will be summarized as follows, and we expect that discussions will take place widely in the future, and we will make continuous efforts toward its realization.

-In Okhotsk region facing a vicious cycle of industrial slowdown and population decline, production of high-quality primary products that make use of the terroir, including rich nature, wonderful landscapes, long-lived pioneers, etc.

・ It is essential to cut off this vicious circle and open up new ways of regional creation, centering on supply.

・ We will do our best to support the development, production and distribution of products that can withstand the competition in the market, using Okhotsk's terror as a weapon.

・ Also, it is required to make Okhotsk's terroir more sophisticated by giving high quality and careful production and life, while each of us is grateful for the hardship of nature and our predecessors.

・ We will propose and publish concrete and feasible plans within the next three years about the way of foundation and social system necessary for such a mechanism, with fellows who agree with the purpose, Strive to realize new regional development together with stakeholders.

February 12, 2011

Okhotsk Terroir Symposium 2011 in Monbetsu
Okhotsk Terroir



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